Pocket Guide to Marijuana

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    Pocket Guide to Marijuana
    Table of Contents

    The Straight Dope: What is Marijuana?
    Debunking The Myths: Marijuana Users
    Cultivation 101: How is Marijuana Prepared?
    How is Marijuana Taken?
    History of Marijuana
        Ancient Usage of Marijuana
        Marijuana in Europe
        Marijuana in America
        Illegalization of Marijuana
        Marijuana in the Modern Day
    The Science Behind Marijuana
        Marijuana and the Body
        Marijuana and the Brain?
        Side-Effects of Marijuana Use
    Proven Benefits of Using Marijuana
    Different Types of Marijuana
        Cannabis Sativa
        Cannabis Indica
        Cannabis Ruderalis
    Introduction to Vaporizing
        What is Vaporizing?
        How Does Vaporizing Work?
        Vaping vs. Smoking Marijuana
        Temperature Control Vaping
        How Can Vaporizing Impact Your High

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